3 Inspirational Color Palettes For A Spring Wedding

3 Inspirational Color Palettes For A Spring Wedding

Check out these 3 inspirational color palettes for a Spring Wedding. I absolutely love spring weddings because you see the most diversity. I’ve seen bold colors and cool tones used in spring weddings both of which produced an AMAZING scenery. Don’t believe me -take a look.


Cool Minimalism- the pairings of cool greys with a dusty blue accent allows you to rely on the comforts you love of winter but bring in the airiness you love about spring. The underlining blue tones in the grey pulls together the color scheme and make for a peaceful and calming celebration.



Bold Fusion- this screams take me there! The color palette pulls you in and sparks a level of excitement you want to be a part of. How can you not enjoy a wedding with this much life flowing through it!?



Earthy Elegance- oh my heart throb! This palette is after my own heart –the delicate pink hues mixed with nature’s very own offerings…like seriously, must I say anything else? Oh but I must! When pairing these colors together you set a level of elegance to your celebration –from flower selections such as garden roses and lovely king proteas to lace table linens and natural wood seating options. It kinda makes you want to say, “hello beautiful!”




Me personally I am an Earthy Elegance girl, but I’d love to know what makes your heart sing! Leave us a comment and tell us which sings to your heart more and then I challenge you to ask your fiancé the same question. I’d love to hear if you agreed on the colors or are you all on two different spectrums. If this is a constant subject in your wedding planning process, we’d love to help you design a cohesive color palette that speaks to both of you –simply drop us an email or fill out our contact form. Can’t wait to hear which one you liked the most.




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