Why You Need A First Look

Why You Need a First Look

Today we’re chatting about how awesome doing a first look is, and why you should incorporate this into your big day! There are so many things that a bride could/should do at the wedding, but when the couple choose to do a first look, it is something just for the two of them!
Having a first look is a private moment – orchestrated by your fabulous wedding photographers – shared only by the bride and groom where they can enjoy an intimate few moments before the ceremony.

As the schedule usually goes, the bride and groom spend the entire day leading up to their wedding – and usually the night before as well – apart.
These two people – who spend all their time together and share every aspect of their lives – are suddenly separated… on the most stressful day of their lives!
Doing a first look is such a wonderful experience because it really gives the bride and groom a chance to reconnect, say I love you, re-center themselves, and go into the wedding as the dynamic duo that they are (the way it should be!).


Benefits of a First Look

The biggest reason I encourage first looks is because it gives the bride and groom a chance to refocus and remember that this day is about. That they are starting a new chapter in the love story they created. Plus, you will get a 100% more genuine reaction because no one feels like they have to hold back their emotions.

If you go the more traditional route and wait to see your fiancée until you are walking down the aisle, he can’t tell you how beautiful you look, or give you a kiss, or hug you, or hold your hand… you’re in front of 100 of your favorite people and you’ve got to go right into the ceremony.

So just to recap, when you choose to do a first look:

• You’re away from prying eyes, and it is simply an intimate moment between the bride and groom.
• The reaction is 100% genuine because no one is worried about “putting on a show.”
• Photos are taken when the bride’s hair and makeup are still fresh and gorgeous.
• It gives the bride and groom a chance to refocus on just each other
• The couple ends up with WAY more portraits of themselves (which is who the day is really about!)

We’ve done a LOT of weddings and I promise, there has never been a couple who did a first look that regretted it.
Take a chance and do something different, you will be so happy you did!


Thank you Judith, this insight is truly amazing!  I personally can’t wait to see more First Looks take place this year.  To learn more about Judith and Fresh Look Photography, please visit her site by clicking here or view more of her work here in this inspirational bridal session.




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