New Year, New You. Happy 2017!

New Year, New You. Happy 2017!

Wow! Can you believe the year went so quickly? Looking back on 2016 so many amazing things happened in my life and in my business—I’m beyond grateful to the couples and families I met. As we welcome 2017 with open arms, we also tend to write a long list of resolutions–I’ve come to tell you lets shake things up in 2017!

When I hear resolutions, I literally cringe. So, I’ve decided to call them promises. I believe promises should never be broken even if they are with yourself!

This year I challenge you to make three promises to yourself:

  1. Love harder than you’ve ever thought you could. Let your loved ones feel your love through your every word.
  2. Set aside one day a week for each of you to have a day all to yourself—spa day, a day at the mall, it really doesn’t matter just make the day only for you.
  3. Make a personal and family vision board—make it personal and make it fun!

By making these promises to yourself you will begin to see your life in a new way. You will be happier because of it and your family will be too. Are you all ready to ditch the resolutions and start making promises, because I know I am! Welcome 2017.




Principal Planner, Magnolia Rose Company

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