The Importance of RSVPs: brides stop pulling your hair out!

The Importance of RSVPs: brides stop pulling your hair out!

By: Shamira Vargas  | on August 8, 2016

Repondez s’il yous plait | verb | French | means “please respond”


RSVPRSVPs, what are they and why do we have to do them? These are questions I’m often asked by brides and guests when they receive a phone call or email because they haven’t RSVP’d by the return date.

Have you ever pieced together a 500-piece puzzle only to realize you only had 499 pieces? At that point you are ready to flip over the entire puzzle and call it quits. This my friend is exactly how hosts feel when they haven’t received the RSVP back.

We have moved farther and farther away from traditional methods of RSVP’ing, (dropping the pre-addressed and stamped envelope in the mailbox) and are opting for text messaging, emails or even online websites which save time for both the guest and the host of the event.

As a planner, and I am sure most planners will agree with me, we aren’t so much worried about which avenue you use just as long as the guest respond. When we receive accurate head counts it makes the day of the event run smoother, it also helps the host budget for plus ones and special diets.

So you see RSVPs aren’t just a piece of paper we throw in the envelope with the invitation. It’s an important piece of the puzzle that we would like returned to us. Please also keep in mind even if you are unable to attend fill out the card or send a text and let the host know.

If you are having trouble keeping up with your RSVPs or don’t even want to deal with them, send us an inquiry about our al a carte services as we would love to help you out and make your planning process that much smoother.

Side note: guest please do not show up to an event you were supposed to RSVP for and you didn’t.

As always, happy planning and don’t pull out your hair!




Principal Planner, Magnolia Rose Company

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