High School Senior Photo Session| Oh My Vintage Goodness!

by: Shamira Vargas | on August 23, 2016


I’ve been in love with old things for a long time.  I remember going to our local antique mall in Texas with my grandmother, Granny Woody.  She loved going there for bingo night, but I loved getting lost in all the cool things people were selling.

When I started Magnolia Rose Company, my goal was to not only produce beautiful weddings and events, it was also to give couples something fun and unique. My mission has always been weddings never realizing where my planning company would take me. That being said, I recently had the opportunity to partner with a local photographer, Erick Gowins of E.G. Photography to style what I think was the coolest senior session I’d ever seen.

As high school juniors transition into their final year of high school, they’ve began to really hone in on capturing their final moments of their high school life, senior portraits being one of them.  I’ve witnessed some really fun and quirky sessions, but I was honored when Erick and his client asked me to style the session with my vintage collection.

Check out how this senior totally rocked our rotary phone and our trunk and suitcases. Oh my, I almost forgot our flash back to the 80s wicker peacock chair by the lake.


How does this phone work again?IMG_8717IMG_8649 IMG_8953 IMG_9017 IMG_9072 IMG_8889

We loved how Nia’s pictures turned out and loved seeing our vintage pieces used in a creative way.  If you’d like us to style your senior pictures or family pictures simply fill out our contact form and take a look at our vintage treasures.




Principal Planner, Magnolia Rose Company

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