Breathe–It’s okay to fire your bridesmaid!


Emily Eileen PhotographyBreathe—It’s okay to fire your bridesmaid!

What! You want me to fire my bridesmaid?

You have to be kidding, right?

No, my dear bride, I am not. BUT first let’s explore why you are now faced with this decision. I am 99 percent sure when the question was popped, all of your friends from over the years came to mind and how you were going to choose whom for what position.

So, like any other bride-to-be, you decided to allow several “friends” join you on your journey to bliss. That is fine and dandy, but let’s face it, when there are too many hens in the hen house things can get a little bit CRAZY!! Stay with me, breathe. WE. WILL. GET. THROUGH. THIS!

Now, if your bridesmaid has done any of the following, it may be time to hand her a pink slip.
1. If you are shopping for your gown and she has nothing positive to say during your experience and every comment is awful, she just may need the boot.
2. If you have selected your design and she tells you that it needs to change because she doesn’t like the design, she just may need the boot.
3. If she is the only bridesmaid that has a problem with the dresses you have selected for the bridal party, she just may need the boot.
4. If after you have chosen the bridesmaid dress design, she then decides to purchase a different dress without consulting you, she just may need the boot.
5. If you have turned into BRIDEZILLA because of her actions alone, yep she just may need the boot.
6. If she has an excuse every time you ask her to do something pertaining to the wedding, she needs the boot.

Seriously! You have chosen your bridesmaid or bridesman because your friendship has meaning. If they can’t suck it up for one maybe two days and allow you to just do what you want without the backlash, then maybe, just maybe you can do without them.

One thing I know for certain is the person you have chosen to cherish this day with you and your fiancé will be a light in your time of darkness, not a negative Nancy.

I know, what you are gonna say: “maybe you can simply talk to her and express your concerns.” But, know this – you have to be able to do it and not feel guilty. This is your day and it should be as you imagined it. And, if all else fails and your back is up against the wall cause you are not quite sure how to go about firing your bridesmaid, simply turn to your wedding planner and let them know your concerns. We will always have a nice way to deliver the news.



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