Wedding Dress: Silhouette and Style

Bride in wedding dress with groom in garden wedding planned and designed by Magnolia Rose Company. Bride holding lush spring bloom bouquet made by Magnolia Rose Company in The Woodlands, Texas

When selecting your wedding dress is an exciting moment in your wedding journey so make sure you surround yourself with special people to share this special moment. Before you set your appointment at the most sought-after bridal boutique do your homework first.

What do I mean?

Well, first you are going to want to determine your body shape if you don’t know it already. When doing this don’t feel like you have to box yourself into one category as you may find yourself fitting into at least two different categories.

With this important key, you are able to unlock endless dress possibilities so head over to Google or Pinterest and search for your silhouette and wedding dress. For example, enter Hourglass Wedding Dresses into the search bar and watch what populates. Be sure to jot down the designer and the name of the dress if it is there. Most times if you have the designer’s name the consultant at the bridal salon can hunt down the dress you were looking at online.

As you are going through the dresses, keep in mind what time of year you want to get married because you do not want to walk down the aisle in a high low dress, and it’s 30 degrees outside. Granted in Texas this weather is unlikely but, you never know lol.

If you need help determining your silhouette take a look at this site or bridal style take this quick quiz to see where to begin.

Are you ready now? Grab your girlfriends and get to your favorite bridal boutique.

Here are a few boutiques in the area:

Need help deciding your style or a new best friend to help keep your entourage in line, we’d love to help you! Simply send us an inquiry to get started or an email.

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