COVID Wedding Outlook for 2021

COVID Wedding Outlook for 2021

Hey love! You are probably here because you wonder how COVID will continue to affect your wedding plans or affect your wedding if you’re not a 2020 couple looking to your reschedule date.

Today, we will uncover popular trends in the wedding industry and how they will now look in 2021, how your guest list may adapt during the COVID pandemic, and things to consider while planning your 2021 event.

2021 Trends Forecast

Due to the unforeseen changes of 2020, we see popular trends now trickling into 2021. Some of the popular trends that Magnolia Rose are opening with open arms are:

  1. Paying homage to the old days. 

    We are seeing couples wanting to incorporate styles of the decades, such as Grandmillenial designs witnessed in Mandy Moore’s dreamy blush and neutral tone nuptials. This leading trend gives new meaning to “something old,” and I am here for it all!

  2. Color Trends. 

    In December, Pantone released their colors of the year, and while the bold and bright yellow tone may have taken many by surprise, it was announced right on time. We will forever be lovers of blush and beautiful but seeing that refreshing breath of air in color let us know that there is sunshine after the rain. At the beginning of Fall 2020, we hopped on a plane to teach our Elevate! Alumni in a one on one session as her couple lead the pack with the color of the year.

  3. Bringing the outdoor to your celebration. 

    Organic and free-flowing ideas and design are the driving force behind Magnolia Rose Couples are embracing all things organic, from unique arches and arbors to implementing the organic texture of curly willow and driftwood remnants.

Wedding Changes during COVID pandemic

I honestly don’t think any of us were ready for the changes that came with COVID, and we’ve been handling it the best way we can. From postponed or canceled weddings to reducing guest counts and more. Here in Houston, Texas, we have seen the following changes:

  1. Reduced Guest Count. 

    Due to the new standards implemented across the nation, couples now have to tell guests they are no longer able to share in their special day in person. Here in Houston, we are at 50% occupancy, and many states have more strict guidelines to follow, and other states are shut down entirely.

  2. Virtual viewing. 

    No need to stop the celebration entirely! While I know we are all looking out for our guests and family’s best interest during these COVID times, we can still allow them to share in the moments by implementing virtual viewing of your wedding. You may implement virtual viewing through Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, or check with your videography team to see what resources they have available.

  3. Opt for a Micro-Wedding or Elope. 

    COVID may have dampened your plans, but it didn’t change your love for one another. Why wait!? Let’s celebrate your love now! In previous years micro-weddings weren’t as big as they are now; in today’s climate, couples are opting to celebrate with their closest family and friends or just by themselves instead of a grand celebration. Trust, I know it is hard to make such drastic changes when you’ve invested months or even years of planning, but your health and the health of others isn’t worth the risk. 

What 2021 Weddings have in store

Last year taught each of us to roll with the punches, and while it left many wedding professionals and venues torn and couples scrambling to make due. With that being said, here are a few things to keep in mind moving forward with your 2021 wedding:

  1. Review your contracts. 

    The pandemic changed the way many creative do business. Ensure you have a clear understanding of cancelation policies and each vendor’s requirements. Many vendors will allow you to postpone your date once without additional fees.

  2. Plan ahead.  

    Have your heart set on getting married in 2021? Make sure you plan ahead. Due to so many 2020 weddings being canceled, couples postponed to 2021, leaving recently engaged couples scrambling for dates at popular venues and wedding professionals.

  3. Review government updates. 

    While we aim for the planning process to be smooth sailing, we can not overturn government mandates. However, if your wedding has to change, your wedding planner will help you navigate these changes. Be advised you can not require your guest or vendors to provide documentation of the negative COVID test.

Well, love, I hope this helps you in your planning journey. If you read this and are still overwhelmed, no worries, we are here for you. Simply fill out our contact form to schedule your free consultation, and you are on your way to a stress-free wedding.

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