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Spotlight Blog: Wedding Cake Series

Spotlight Blog: Wedding Cake Series

I am excited to announce our spotlight blogger for our wedding cake series.  Many of you may recognize her creative talents if you’ve scrolled the Pinterest wedding cakes or saw her featured on Junebug Weddings as her geode cake is ‘simply sweet’ and absolutely AMAZING! As we begin the month of May and you set out to find the perfect cake artist for your wedding day, I’ve reached out to Jenna Crawford of Sinfully Sweet Cake Design in Cypress, Texas to give us some tips and insight into cake tasting, design, and selecting the right person for your wedding day.

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Meet Jenna Crawford, Sinfully Sweet

Hi y’all! I am a Texas girl, born and raised near the Houston/gulf coast area. There’s a country girl behind the creative designer face with a passion for putting together unique and custom cake designs. I have a background in natural science (which is ironic, since I never planned to use it) as well as education. My sights were turned to cake after falling in love with reruns of Amazing Wedding Cakes while I studied at night. I decided to work on building my skills and opened my custom cake studio business in 2013, and in 2016, decided to focus on more wedding and milestone events. The focus of my cakes + cookie art is mostly mediums that I’ve fallen in love with in their original form: watercolor art, calligraphy and hand lettering, oil painting, and sculpting. Clients that seek out my desserts are usually focused on creating a custom and unique display of edible art that showcases their event in its best light, while staying true to their personalities. Designing cakes and cookies is definitely my true passion, versus replicating designs from other cake artists.


Get Social with Sinfully Sweet

If you are in the Houston, Texas area, you can find Jenna and her sinfully sweet creations on Facebook, Instagram, and you may view her work and inquire about your event by visiting her site, here.

I can’t wait for you all to be enlightened by her education and all that she has to share with you all.


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