Outdoor Weddings 101: Savvy Tips for Working with Mother Nature

Planning your wedding can be stressful, definitely if you don’t have a wedding planner guiding your way. You will more than likely go on almost a hundred venue visits, SERIOUSLY, because you aren’t quite sure what you want, although if you take a step back they all have one thing in common. Yep that’s what we do, we find ourselves trapped in this bubble and the answer is right there staring you in the face.
One possibility that may cross your mind is having your wedding or reception outside if not both of them. I must say, I have seen some amazing outdoor weddings AND I have seen some that would make you want to pull out your hair.

If you plan on having an outdoor wedding here are somethings you should do and also want to consider:
1. INFORM YOUR GUEST. Talk with you stationery designer to come up with a creative way to let your guest know your wedding will be held outside that way they can plan accordingly. This information can often go on the details card or even on your wedding website.
2. HAVE A PLAN B. When planning an outdoor wedding, you should always be prepared for the unexpected. Mother Nature doesn’t wait for anyone and can have a mind of her own at times! With that being said for your wedding ceremony you want to have an indoor location that is at the same location. Your reception can easily be covered with a tent and siding, which will not only protect your from rain but the sun as well.
3. DON’T BUG YOUR GUEST. Outdoor weddings are always accompanied by outdoor pests. When planning your wedding be mindful of standing water as mosquitos will fester. You will also want to make sure your location isn’t the home of other summer insects such as wasp and bees too. By incorporating citronella candles into your décor you will be able to lessen the occurrence of mosquitos.
4. MIC CHECK ONE, TWO. Can your guest hear the vows you are exchanging? Even without the background noise of the city it is still hard to hear vows being exchanged 5 rows back. Coordinate with your DJ to have you, your fiancé, and the officiant wired with a microphone.
5. BRIGHT LIGHTS. When deciding on what time to have your wedding it is best to consult a photographer that is familiar with the area as they will be able to tell you when the sunlight is the best. After paneling several photographers, it is best to have your wedding two hours prior to sunset unless you are going for a sunset wedding. The worst thing is to receive your memories and everyone in the wedding party including you have your eyes closed because of the harsh sunlight.
6. DON’T SINK! Unless you plan on walking down the aisle barefoot or in flats you will need something to stop you from sinking in the ground. An amazing company by the name of Soulmates comes to the rescue! They have varying colors and sizes to choose from dependent on the heel you are wearing.
So, before you choose your ultimate location keep these things in mind. Also, be mindful this is just a hand full of things to consider, it will be best to hire a planner to help you plan through all of the other possibilities when having an outdoor wedding.

Happy planning,

The Savy Girl

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