Welcome To The Wedding University

Welcome To The Wedding University!
What exactly do I need to know when planning a wedding—and where to start! Your guide to all things wedding related.
Like many of you, I grew up pretending I was a princess and one day my knight in shining armor would come rescue me and we would live happily ever after. I would sit there for hours dreaming I was this wonderful princess and recall snippets from all the classics we grew up on in the 90s—when being a kid was fun and carefree. Fast forward several decades and here I stand with a man on one knee asking the very question I fantasized about when I was a little girl. Of course I said, “Yes!” I would be crazy not to.
So after updating all of my social media statuses from “in a relationship” to “engaged” I scour the shelves of the local book store plucking every wedding magazine off of the shelf to plan this fabulous wedding that I really have no understanding of. When I first got engaged, I was young, 19 years old to be exact and what do I know about marriage? What do I know about planning a wedding? I’ll tell you what I knew…I knew nothing! Absolutely nothing! But that was okay. I was smart I could learn all the things I need to know, right? Of course there is a book for that. As I sat there wondering is there a dummy guide to this or a class or something I could take. I just know this grand celebration couldn’t be left to chance.
How many of you if posed with the question, “do you know how to plan your wedding” could raise your hand with certainty? Don’t worry if you can’t because YOU ARE NOT ALONE! For example, this bride-to-be in a question and answer forum through Yahoo posed this question, “I was going to ask people to RSVP months in advance, but then I heard you’re supposed to send the RSVP notices like two weeks ahead of time. The problem is there are 43 people that will come and another 52 that might come. This makes it hard to plan where to have the wedding. How do people usually handle this?”
Just wondering do you have the answer for her? Because when I was engaged umpteen years ago I definitely didn’t know the answer to this question.
Who to call on to help you plan your wedding?
What is a vendor?
I thought a minister had to perform the wedding. What is an officiant?
You mean to tell me I don’t have to get married in a church!
Whoa hold on there. My. Mind. Is. Blown! Well at least it was over a decade ago.
Now, who is this crazy lady rambling about this stuff?
Hi! My name is Shamira Vargas, I am the owner of Savy Events a wedding and event planning company based in Virginia Beach, Virginia known for planning fun and unique weddings for the whimsical bride. I found myself in the wedding world just before completing my degree in English. I aspired to be a great writer in the bridal community but soon found out that I wanted to be more than a voice in a bridal magazine. I wanted to make a difference in the wedding planning experience. I wanted brides and grooms alike to be stress free, I mean truly stress free and so I began working with a local planner in Texas learning all she had to offer. And now I am here, here to give you all that I have to offer. Welcome to The Wedding University! At the university, you will learn through blogs, videos, live broadcasts and hands on classes covering from your proposal to your wedding day and everything in between to include making budgets, creating guest lists, venue selection, what questions to ask your vendors and more! Get your pen and paper ready ladies and gents because I am taking you to school.
Happy planning,
The Savy Girl

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